More About the The Hook

Thank you for considering participating in the Power 107.1 KSLT The Hook! Your opinions about the music we play on Power 107.1 KSLT are invaluable in helping us create the best radio station possible. Here's how it works:

  • Periodically (every two weeks or so), you'll receive an email indicating that a new survey is ready. At your leisure at any time during that week, you'll login by clicking the link in your email, or by logging into the The Hook section at

  • You'll then listen to clips (each about 30 seconds in length) of some of the songs we're currently playing. After listening to each clip, you'll be able to rate the song according to your particular tastes.

  • Once you've reached the end of the survey, that's it! We won't bug you again until the next time a new survey is ready.

  • While your input is greatly appreciated each week, filling out any survey is optional. We won't cancel your account simply because you may have missed a few weeks.

  • From time to time, we'll offer special rewards to members of the The Hook to thank you for taking the time each week to tell us how you feel about the music we play. These may include random drawings for things like CDs, concert tickets, Power 107.1 KSLT gear, and other prizes.

  • Would you like to try it? Sign up here!

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